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Cucumbers Cezar H * / Dill Hercules. Sowing time is the end of May. Dill is an annual, grows abundant foliage, blooms late, stays green and juicy for a long time.

Cucumbers are a medium-early, fertile, disease-resistant variety. The fruit is small, sparse, crunchy, not yellowish. Suitable for canning and tanning.

Advantages of seed strip with fertilizer (15-9-12 + 2MgO + TE): easy to sow, seeds germinate evenly and evenly.

The fertilizer in the seed band results in better seedling quality. It is recommended to water the soil abundantly before laying the seed strip.

Fill the covered seed strip with soil and water it again.

Lot. Cucumis sativus L, Anethum graveolens L 


 - III–IV, 2-3cm.

- IV–VI,  2-3 cm.



 - VI–IX

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Data sheet

Latin name
Lot. Cucumis Sativus L, Anethum graveolens L.
Sowing Period
Harvesting Period
Yield in month IV
Yield in month IX
Yield in month V
Yield in month VI
Yield in month VII
Yield in month VIII
Position In
Cultivated outdoors
Grown in a greenhouse

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