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FRIGO FRIGO Kimberly A (10 pcs.)

A medium-early strawberry variety. The berries are large, rounded and aromatic. They are fresh for a long time. Firm and transportable. Resistant to powdery mildew, good fruit set.

Frigo strawberry seedlings are dug during their dormant period (October) and stored at -3°C to -1°C until planting. This 'preservation' of the strawberry plants allows control of the fruiting process and the availability of produce at the desired time. Attention: It is advisable to plant the resulting seedlings as soon as possible and not to delay too long. The seedlings may be soaked in a root growth stimulator for 1-2 hours before planting;

Seedling category A (standard).


  • Seedlings are mature and ready for planting;
  • For this year's harvest, the planting period is from April to mid-July, and for next year's harvest mid-July to October;
  • Strawberries take 6-8 weeks to fruit;
  • Seedlings are disease resistant.
  • The seedling is unsightly, leafless and root-like when ready for planting. However, this is not to be feared, as this is the characteristic of Frigo strawberry plants. The seedlings quickly spread their leaves when they receive heat.

Attention ! When buying strawberry plants online, delivery via Lithuanian Post is not recommended !

EC regulations and standards Category ST
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Fragaria x ananassa Duch.
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