The berries are conical, very fragrant, juicy and have a great taste. Originating in France. A true gourmet's fruit.

Frigo strawberry plants are dug during their dormant period (October) and stored at -3°C to -1°C until planting. This 'preservation' of the strawberry plants allows control of the ripening process and allows the production to be available at the desired time. Attention: it is advisable to plant the resulting seedlings as soon as possible and not to delay too long. Before planting, the seedlings may be soaked in a root growth stimulator for 1-2 hours.

Seedling category B (standard).


    Seedlings are mature and ready for planting;
    This year's crop has a planting period of April to July. For next year's harvest, the period from April to April is from mid-July to mid-October;
    Strawberries take 6-8 weeks to produce;
    The seedlings are resistant to disease.
    The seedlings are unsightly, leafless, and resemble a root. However, this is not to be feared, as this is what Frigo strawberry seedlings have in common. When the seedlings receive heat, they quickly spread their leaves.

Caution ! When buying strawberry plants online, delivery via Lithuanian Post is not recommended !

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