Medium early beet variety. The roots are long, cylindrical. The flesh is intensely red. The roots are very suitable for processing because they retain their color well during cooking. Beets hold up well during the winter.

Beetroot seeds grow well in acid-free, weed-free, fertile loam with normal moisture. Sown in several terms. Beets are sown for early use as soon as they can enter the soil for storage - in the second half of May. Fertilization with fresh manure is not recommended. In order to obtain a more abundant root crop, it is necessary to thin out. 10 sq.m requires 10 - 15 grams of beet seeds.


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Data sheet

Sowing Period
Latin name
Beta vulgaris L.
Harvesting Period
Derlius IX mėn
Derlius VIII mėn
Derlius VII mėn
Derlius VI mėn
Derlius X mėn
Position In
Auginama lauke
Pusiau pavėsis

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