Evergreen Mat 100% flax fiber mat for growing microgreens, 25 cm x 25 cm x 4 pcs.

The 100% flax fiber mat is suitable for growing wheat sprouts, radishes, peas, mustard, spinach, broccoli, leeks, onions, kale, turnips, amaranth, dill, borage, and other microgreens.

      • Strong flax fiber mat binds moisture and protects the roots from drying out
      • Roots establish easily and quickly, accelerating the growth of microgreens
      • The porous mat provides oxygen to the roots, promoting their development
      • No soil, substrate, or compost is required
      • Made from 100% flax fiber with no chemicals or additives
      • Biodegradable, compostable, and environmentally friendly
      • Made in Lithuania

      • Cut and shape based on your needs
      • Soak the mat thoroughly in water before use
      • Spread the seeds evenly over the surface of the mat
      • Moisten the seeds with water
      • Add water from time to time to keep the mat moist
      • Pour out the excess water, if any

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