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Very fertile variety of parsley. The leaves are lush, dark green, curly. The leaves can be cut several times a season. Parsley is an indispensable spice and garnish for dishes. Suitable for growing in pots.

Parsley is resistant to frost (up to -5ºC). Germinates for a long time, about 3 weeks.

Lot. Petroselinum crispum (Mill.)


- VI, 1,5-2 cm;

- VI-X;

- 20 x 5 cm;

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Data sheet

Sowing Period
Latin name
Lot. Petroselinum crispum (Mill.)
Harvesting Period
Derlius IX mėn
Derlius VIII mėn
Derlius VII mėn
Derlius VI mėn
Derlius X mėn
Position In
Auginama lauke
Pilnas pavėsis

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